Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Dog insurance cost

Dog insurance cost

Puppy insurance is recommended

Dog insurance is a good idea, but not a necessity.
It can come in handy if something very pricey goes wrong, it will help cover much of the cost. The cost of the policy varies depending on the age of the dog and
what type of coverage you are looking for....
Insurance will cost you = 10-30 dollars, depending on the coverage and the dog

puppy potty training tips

puppy potty training tips looks very difficult for some people !! I know some people who

doesn't want them puppies to skip this period , So much work the puppies truly needs
and you have to be patience .

The good news is even you have an Adult dog it doesn't matter we will give you
some basic steps that will help your beautiful adult dog ,Your Dogs will learn those
new stratagem easy .

Don't lose your tempter Or freak out

try to not yell at him all the time just simply tell him "no" or "eeeeh" call him by his name
alot to get use to it , if you see your puppy going potty into the house don't get angry
and start screaming at him try to calm down !

As you see from your puppy view … he has to go potty true ? so he does not understand
why did you yell at him for something that it's normal and natural for him to do and
sometimes he must do it . by yelling at him to skip going potty in front you , by the way you are not poppy training him !

If you are at work all day, you may need to:
  • Hire a "pet sitter" to visit your dog to let him outside.

  • Confine him to a room of the house where accidents will be easy to clean up.
  • Try sanitary products on your dog, such as doggie diapers. They fit like little pants and hold a disposable absorbent pad to catch the urine. These work best on female dogs. Belly bands—fabric bands that wrap around the dog's waist and contain an absorbent pad—are available for male dogs. They're available at most pet stores and online.

dog training supplies

dog training supplies

hello to everybody and today i will tell you about the dog
training supplies :

before you start following the dog training supplies
let me tell you to to be careful before you start showing
your dog training supplies

you have to be in empty place as example : forests , mountains,
Waterfalls etc...

All what you need is to be ready for your dog and to give him
freedom and to control yourself because you gonna be in
dog training supplies

first of all With dog training supplies you'll be amazed at what your dog can do! Browse all of our dog training equipment and supplies.

Shop Cabela's large collection of dog training gear and

supplies for your favorite hunting buddy, including collars,

crates, and other training accessories.


Monday, April 7, 2014


dog grooming near me   

Are you finding it hard to get new clients?  dogsinheat ”    DOG GROOMiNG NEAR ME” is searched 3,600 times a month.  Your prospective clients are trying to find you online, but the question is, can you be found?DOG GROOMNG NEAR ME
When you do a search in yahoo, google , or Bing for common phrases that your prospective clients are searching for does your website show up?  Do you know what common phrases that your prospective clients are searching for?  If you are starting a new business, your prospective clients probably don’t know what your business name is.


how long do dogs stay in heat ? 


How long Dogs are in heat for twenty 

days ? :


There are 3 distinct stages of the heat cycle. The 1st  stage or 
actual “Estrus” stage of the heat cycle will often begin between the 
eight and tenth day after the first sign of color (bleeding). During 
this time the color of the blood has gone from bright red to pink and 
then to an almost clear discharge. It is during this stage most 
females will allow a dog, in fact ANY dog to breed her. The estrus 
stage can last between four and seven days and it must be remembered the female can become pregnant with mixed litters. 
Just because you bred your purebred collie to another collie doesn’t mean she can’t have puppies with the Doberman next door and the German Shepherd up the street.